Oct 22 2015
08:54 am
By: WhitesCreek

Update: A man drove his vehicle past the gate, crashed it in a parking lot, and fled on foot. He has been apprehended and things are back to normal.

Officials at the Y-12 National Security Complex are responding to a law enforcement matter that has affected access to Y-12. The facility and its employees are safe and secure and all entrances to the plant are closed.

Employees who are not on site are asked to check with the plant operating status line at 241.1212 for more information regarding access to the plant later today. NNSA and CNS officials are working closely with the City of Oak Ridge Police Department on this matter.

So the University of Kentucky "owns" the word "Kentucky"? Really?

This ought to be fun to watch...

The owners of Kentucky Mist Moonshine distillery in Whitesburg say attorneys for the University of Kentucky have sent them a letter asserting the school owns the exclusive rights to the word "Kentucky."


From the AP story:

The Tennessee State Board of Education is seeking public comment on newly revised K-12 math and English language arts standards.

The standards were developed by expert educator advisory teams throughout the summer. They set grade-specific goals that exemplify what students are expected to know and be able to do by the end of a given grade or course.

The standards will be available for feedback online through mid-November at


Registration is required. Let us know what you think.

Oct 21 2015
05:38 pm

Get up early Thursday morning and go outside... of the more reliable meteor showers — sort of a junior version of the Perseids — is set to reach its maximum before sunrise on Thursday morning (Oct. 22). This upcoming display is known as the Orionids, because the meteors seem to fan out from a region to the north of the constellation Orion's second-brightest star, ruddy Betelgeuse


Oct 21 2015
10:15 am

KnoxViews has the story and the discussion:


Oct 21 2015
08:41 am

Okay, let's repeat the important point in here: We, as a state, need the best credit rating we can get. In order to show that we we deserve a good credit rating, we have to show that we can cover our obligations and repay any debts we might have. And here's the jam Haslam rightly identifies us as being in—our Medicaid and education costs keep going up but our politicians will not raise taxes to cover those costs (or for any reason). So, in order to show that we can cover our obligations, Haslam has to be able to show them ways we have of coming up with the money. When you can't raise taxes, you have to cut sh##t.

We can argue—and I think fairly—that we've not seen any proof that outsourcing things to Haslam's friends actually cuts costs, but this is the thing that Haslam isn't quite ready to be honest about. Even financial disasters are okay if they benefit the right people. If the Tea Party Republicans run the State into the ground with their refusal to raise taxes, all an Oligarch Republican can do for us is to make sure that it's apparent that his Oligarch friends will benefit from our ruin.
Haslam has a lot of rich and powerful friends

More from Crockett

Oct 19 2015
04:08 pm

Mike Hicks is the keyboardist and Music Director for multi-Grammy bluesman, Keb Mo. He's played all over the world in huge arenas but we have him right here in a small venue this coming Friday night. Here's a short teaser of Mike kicking around on guitar.

Mike will bring a small cadre of some of the best sessions musicians in Nashville and smoothly tear our little room apart. One of my favorite singers/songwriters/keyboard wizards/showmen, He claims his genre is Funk - Blues but how does that fit THIS ONE?

And the prelude to his cd title track Feels Good. Another version live

Frankly, I don't know the set list but I promise it will be awesome. Join us won't you? It's a great scene with good people and great music.

See you there!

Info and directions right HERE

Oct 18 2015
03:24 pm
By: Creativeartsco-op

Are you ready for a merry-not-too-scary, outdoor, Halloween adventure?!? Come to Boo-Town--a new, family-friendly, Halloween event at the TN Medieval Faire site (550 Fiske Rd, Harriman, TN). If you like costumes (Steampunk, Cosplay, Princesses, Pirates, Medieval, Theatre...) Boo-Town is the place for you!

5 show days: Oct 23-24, 29-30-31. Hours 5-10p EDT.
Tickets sold at gate. We can accept cash & credit cards. Free parking.

General Admission [Rain or Shine]
$5 (ages 2-12), $8 (ages 13+)
Visit Treat Village and the Bouncy House. Play the Games and listen to the Story-Tellers. Join in the Costume Parade (6-6:30 nightly), and Monster Music & Dance - plus enjoy the Costumed Characters. Don’t forget the Crafts, Food, Beer, and Soda available for purchase.

And if you dare
Haunted Hayride [Fair weather only]
Additional $10 (ages 8+ only)
Ride through the deep, dark woods, pulled by an ancient tractor and even more ancient driver! Ghouls await! What could go wrong?!?

More info: (link...). 865-248-8414 or

The practice of rewarding a servile politician with campaign contributions in return for legislative votes has long been questioned as somewhat legal bribery. This will be interesting to watch. Fincher has been skirting the law on several fronts.

Washington, DC – Today, Campaign for Accountability (CfA) asked the Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate 11 members of Congress for possible criminal and ethics violations by accepting contributions from the payday lending industry shortly before or after taking official actions in support of the industry.


Oct 16 2015
11:23 am

Jeff Black will be at Ladd Landing tonight. You should come out and see what good people and good music is all about.

This has to be terrible for the parents of Brooke Morris..a case of justice delayed in a horrible murder:

Four years have passed since Brooke Morris, 23, was shot and killed. Thursday marks the anniversary of her death. The man charged in the case, Shawn Smoot, has now had six attorneys on the case, delaying the trial repeatedly.


Oct 16 2015
07:46 am

I am at that age where insurance says we'd better get an annual physical. The results have always been the same..."Lose 20 pounds." Other than that, the poking puncturing and prodding don't amount to any change in the way I go about life. I've always wondered if the anxiety of going to the doctor isn;t more harmful than anything they might find, given that I have no symptoms of anything except the normal challenges of the calendar?

That's the big question. Now, an Op-Ed in the NY Times by Harvard Doctors says the annual physical is outdated...


Oct 14 2015
12:52 pm

Jeff Black has written songs for Waylon Jennings, Allison Kraus, Dierks Bently, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, and a bunch more. Here's a live version of one you've heard but may not have known he wrote.

If you've been wondering about good music in Roane County this would be a great time to come out and see what our listening room is all about. Jeff Black is one of the great songwriters in America today.

I wish that I could be a pirate
And sail the ocean blue
Way before the big liners
Started sailing there too
I'd bury most of my treasure
So I wouldn't leave a big hole
And the only real sense of pleasure I'd get
Is that I would sail free in my soul

The full lyrics are here

From the Politico Energy Report...

Democrats generally agreed climate change as a major threat to the planet, and one requiring major federal intervention to tackle. But Sanders seemed to steal the other candidates thunder, as Darren reports, "Sanders was the only one of the five candidates at the debate that referenced climate change when asked by CNN moderator Anderson Cooper what the greatest national security threat was to the U.S. 'The scientific community is telling us that if we do not address the global crisis of climate change … the planet that we are going to be leaving our kids, our grandchildren may well not be inhabitable,' Sanders said. 'That is a major crisis.'

The entire report, including how Republicans who "get" global warming" are in trouble with the GOP base...


Oct 14 2015
08:23 am

Tennessee government is now a "covert operation"... has more discussion

Oct 9 2015
07:02 am

BMT puts on a really fun live show. Why don't you come on out to Ladd Landing Listening Room tonight and join us for some fun? $10 BYOB Doors at 7 PM

Ladd Landing Listening Room Info and Directions

Oct 8 2015
07:41 pm

When someone called out for TN Congressman Jim Cooper to step up and run for Speaker of the House , this is what he tweeted:

You don't want to be on the menu at a cannibal picnic..

The background and story is here:


Oct 8 2015
06:12 am

As if the Knoxville News Sentinel weren't already on a downward slide to lower mediocrity, journalistic observers are calling the purchase of the once noble news organ by Gannett (The USA Today "McNews" group) a newsroom "Zombie Apocalypse". The worrisome part of this is that one monster corporate group not from Tennessee will now control the news in the three biggest media markets in Tennessee, Knoxville, Memphis, and Nashville. Local news and information will decrease while the USA Today pablum will flourish. We've already seen this in the Tennessean, a once awesome newspaper.

KnoxViews has a discussion going

Best comment heard so far from a friend in the business:

"Gannettt has a history of gutting and grinding decent and fine newspapers down to nubbins of worthlessness"

It the WDVX fund drive so Listen to some Will Yager Trio and get in the mood to support great music in our area.

You can listen live on the internet right HERE.


Will is the son of State Senator Ken Yager and Melinda, and is a great representative of Roane County.

Oct 6 2015
09:18 am

Every time you hear some politician calling for the end of the EPA just remember that what they are advocating is sickness and death in the name of profit.

The software that the company admitted using to get around government emissions limits allowed VWs to spew enough pollution to cause somewhere between 16 and 94 deaths over seven years, with the annual count increasing more recently as more of the diesels were on the road. The total cost has been well over $100 million.


Oct 5 2015
06:38 am

I found this quote interesting:

Rather than stop production of the engine and throw out years of work and investment, managers decided to cheat, the sources said, confirming a report in Bild am Sonntag, a German newspaper. They did not want to be identified because of the sensitivity of the issue, the Times reported.

I would surmise that "they" don't want to be identified because they might go to jail, actually. It was a German investigative journalism newspaper that broke this story. Remember when America had those?


Since this landfill should never have been permitted in this location in the first place, and it has already suffered several failures and leaks into the Clinch River and since the public comments were overwhelmingly opposed to depositing coal ash into it, TDEC has decided to grant TVA's request and allow coal ash to be deposited along with gypsum. They did agree to lower the allowable height of the landfill so that the top would not tower over the trees and be as much of an eyesore from downtown Kingston.


Oct 1 2015
09:54 am

A Harriman man is making a name for himself in the world of Dragon Con conventions for his costume creations.

RJ Foster is a man who loves to tinker and create. In the attic of his Harriman home, Foster has spent countless hours working to build a costume that has won him awards on some of the biggest stages in costume design.

"It took me about 724 hours worth of work," Foster said.


Steps in Tyme Designs:


Oct 1 2015
09:38 am

From the announcement:

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of Mr. Bobby Collier. He will be missed by many, especially his Leadership Roane County family. Arrangements are incomplete at this time. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Operation REACH (PO Box 981, Kingston, TN 37763) or First Baptist Church of Kingston Building Fund.

Our thoughts are with Bobby's family and the many people he touched.

Oct 1 2015
08:44 am

Congressman DesJarlais faces a primary opponent whose platform seems to be that DsJarlais isn't crazy enough...

“Scott DesJarlais just showed the American people why Washington, D.C., is so hated and why he is unfit to be a congressman,” Starrett campaign manager Tommy Schultz charged in a statement.


Oct 1 2015
08:40 am

Humphrey has the answer...Lobbyists.


The news roundup is troubling at best.

The TN Corrections Dept refuses to release the autopsy and medical records of a prisoner they list as having died from "natural causes", when what we have seen states that he was beaten severely, had multiples burns, cuts, and at least 9 broken ribs. They even had the gall to use the "He fell out of bed" excuse.

Having nearly $200 million in unspent federal grants for drinking water improvements is a travesty. That is only eclipsed by the Billions of dollars we've lost by the refusal to expand medicare coverage in our state.

Here you go:


Oct 1 2015
06:42 am

Yes, there are some of these in Roane County. Unfortunately, people dig them up thinking they can be transplanted. They are symbiotic with a fungus in certain soils and require a special soil, water, sun habitat. Great video from Nashville's channel 5.

Lost Medicaid Funding

To date, the failure to expand Medicaid / TennCare has cost the State of Tennessee ? in lost federal funding.