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(Originally posted by Randy Martens)
He sent me this rather lenghty account of the events regarding the Belle. Please take a loook at it.

To Whom It May Concern:
I received a note from a friend in which he expressed the opinion that last night’s show by Troy and Jane was a preplanned ambush. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but upon reflection it makes sense. Here’s why:


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And I'm guessing the total bill will be in the Hundreds of millions of dollars, not Tens like this story says:

TVA's ratepayers will be saddled with the cost to clean up a massive coal ash slide at an East Tennessee power plant, the agency's chairman said.

The tab, likely to be tens of millions of dollars or more, will include the cost of extra workers, overtime pay, heavy machinery, and housing and supplies for families chased from their homes, along with the lawsuits that have begun to pile up.

When I drive by those workers and some of them are just standing around, I want to roll down the window and yell at them to get busy.


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Laws have unintended consequences and a new law intended to protect children from lead and pthalates requires that products be tested or assumed to be hazardous. The unintended consequence in this case is that it will shut down thrift stores and stores that sell handmade crafts because it is simply too expensive to test every single item. The problem with lead is primarily from foreign made toys and clothing.

Secondhand stores, antiques stores, and craft stores are about all we have for an economy tight now.


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The Roane County Commission will hold a PUBLIC HEARING with TVA on the Emory River Ash Spill on Monday, January 12, 2009 at 5:30 o'clock p.m. in the Criminal Courtroom on the 2nd floor of the Courthouse in Kingston.

This hearing will precede the regularly scheduled Public Hearing on Zoning which will be held in the Qualls Commission Room at 6:30 p.m. The regular monthly County Commission meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. in the Qualls Commission Room.

The Roane County Comment email address is:

Let us know what happens if anybody sends a comment.

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Oh yeah...There's something about an Energy and Water Committee in there. Why would Lincoln want to be on Energy and Water what with the TVA Disaster about to come up before the Senate?

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Courtesy of Randy at Link...

This just in, Knoxville law firm Ball & Scott, Hausfeld LLP in DC, and attorney Bruce Fox in Clinton have filed a class action today in U. S. District Court in Knoxville against TVA on behalf of riparian landowners on the Emory & Clinch Rivers under a private nuisance theory.

The action is similar to previous lawsuits against Pigeon River polluters Champion International and Blue Ridge Paper.

A copy of the actual filing is here:


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At Tuesday night's Kingston City Council Meeting, concerned citizens, the media and at least one TVA representative watched an attempted political assassination. It began when Council member Jane Devall suggested that Councilman Brant Williams, as a Kingston City Councilman had no right to talk with the press without the permission of the entire Council. Williams responded in no uncertain terms that he was entitled to the right of free speech, that he had not represented his views and concerns as those of the City, and would continue his efforts.


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The report was accurate all along, the results were misinterpreted. Here's what the EPA report stated:

The Tables 2, 3, and 4 contains summary analytical results for all EPA collected data, sorted by date. Each table includes the Federal Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCL) for comparative purposes. The MCLs represent the maximum permissible level of a contaminant in water delivered to any user of a public water system.

On December 23, 2008, the raw water collected from the river at the Kingston plant intake exceeded the MCL for thallium (0.002 mg/L) with a value of 0.00619 mg/L. None of the samples collected on December 29, 2008 exceeded the MCLs for any analyte. Analysis of the SESD data collected December 30, 2008 indicates that no analytes above the MCLs were detected in either finished or raw water at the three public plants. Similarly, no levels above the MCLs were noted in the residential wells.

The processed water sample taken at the same time showed no thallium above the MCL. We need to watch this stuff closely but let's not freak out unnecessarily. We have plenty to work on as it is.

More discussion at KnoxViews

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We'll see:

My message to those folks that night and to the people of Roane County is that TVA will clean up the spill. We will do it right, and we are focused on the job.


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Emotional music overplays the real questions posed in this video. Most of the lake scenes that were not shot at ground zero are still intact, particularly Sand Island. In fact someone was camped on Sand Island and had an American flag stuck up in the sand earlier this week.

(I am moving the video hoping that the spacing on the front page will restore itself. Look for it in the comments. If that doesn't work, I'll post a link )

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Any fine or punative damages would simply be passed along to rate payers. In a way, that is just, since rate payers have enjoyed power free of the true costs of producing it with coal.

Corker Offers questions but not answers, so far...

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An Outreach Center is opening Tuesday, January 6, at 509 North Kentucky Street in Kingston. The center will be open the first week Tuesday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday. The local phone number for the Outreach Center is (865) 632-1700.

From the TVA Website Link...

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... In fact I don't think I ever have done this. But...

Fairly toward the bottom of the "Discussions" column in the 2nd column from the right margin of this website is a link to WC's own personal blogsite.


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The EPA water test data reports show increased levels of Thallium. Here's the general info:


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From Mayor Beets office:

Hi Mayor Beets,

Here is the website: Link...

The data reports are named: air monitoring summary.pdf?
potable water sampling summary.pdf
soil and ash sampling summary.pdf
surface water sampling summary.pdf

Dawn Harris Young
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 4
Office of External Affairs, Media Relations
phone (404)562-8421
fax (404)562-8335


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Best advice yet comes form an Exxon disaster survivor:


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From NOAA:



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They've done everything they could to eviscerate the EPA's regulatory powers...Now they need a go-to entity that can make folks feel safe. Safe?


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DECEMBER 8, 2008


BE IT REMEMBERED, that the County Commission of Roane County, Tennessee convened in regular session in Kingston, Tennessee on the 10th day of November 2008 at 7:30 P.M.


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So one of the crew came over and asked me who I was with and why was I taking pictures. I asked him who he was with and where he was from. Didn't get an answer from him, but he got his clipboard and started writing. Some reports have people being threatened, but our chat was nothing like that. He certainly made me feel unwelcome and told me he wasn't supposed to talk to me. I decided not to point out that he started the conversation in the first place.

They are using leaf blowers to push everything into the booms, rake up the leaves and stuff, and then vacuum up the floating scum. it keeps coming because they've done this several days in a row in this same spot.

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Taken just now. This is the stuff that the tall stacks take over to North Carolina. Aren't they suing us about this?

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This is a really good thing:

TVA has replaced their website's front page with an emergency response update page. The current Jan. 4th update has contact and outreach info for area residents and the latest results of coordinated TVA, EPA, and TDEC air and water testing with links to detailed reports.

TVA Emergency Response Update

KnoxViews Post

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By Ray Collett

Hello Readers, This is a continuation of the "Boy Scout Tragedy In The White's Creek Flood. This is taken from a first hand account by Lloyd G. McCluen. The flood occurred March 22, 1929 and we left the Boy Scouts on the roof of the cabin ...Mr. McCluen recalls, " About 6:00 o'clock in the morning, the steel highway bridge across White's Creek washed away, releasing a wall of water and debris.


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In some ways it's just not fair but a college degree is a major credential that every young person should aspire to get. Even an Associate degree helps.

In 2005, women ages 25 to 34 with bachelor's degrees earned 70 percent more than those with high school diplomas, and for men the difference was 63 percent. For all full-time workers in this age group, the average earnings premium for a 4-year college degree is almost $14,000, according to "Education Pays 2006," published by the College Board.


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TVA is named in three incidents at plants but not at Kingston. Go figure!

At Bull Run, on-site surface water exceeded regulatory standards for calcium, iron and sulfate, with ecological effects "directly attributable to coal combustion waste management."


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I wish we had good baseline data from before the spill of metals and other contaminants in fish. We know better than to eat anything out of the lake anyway. This is a shame. Watts Bar is really productive with something like 40 world record fish to its credit.

At this point I am more concerned with the ecosystem as it relates to fish, birds and other wildlife, and I look forward to seeing the TWRA results. If anything in this state gets attention it will be knowing that the largemouth bass are safe to torture and release.


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We have to admit that coal is not clean and that the price we pay for power does not cover all the costs generated by the power generating process.


Roane County is paying a high price for being the generating site for one million people's electricity...Wouldn't you say? How are the "others" going to make this up to us?


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