Apr 15 2016
04:30 pm

The Oakdale Bluegrass Band, featuring Olivia Chapman, Cole Tilson, Stone Stewart, and Jess Langley, singing "Never Harlen Alive", won last nights Third Annual Multi-County Talent Show at the Princess!


More photos up on the Princess Blog!

Apr 15 2016
07:31 am

In the never ending battle of form over substance, Rep Diane Black has introduced a bill to stop the Library of Congress from changing a book classification from "aliens" to "non-citizens". I'm wondering when was the last time Representative Black was even in a library? She does have a degree in nursing and has somehow become very rich.


Apr 14 2016
07:36 pm

Calfee and Yeager voted aye!

Haslam said such a move desecrates the sanctity of the Holy Bible an separation of church and state. (link...)

Did you know that there are nearly 20 miles of multi use trails for mountain biking in Roane County? Did you know that development is already in process for a multi use park with over 800 acres devoted to trails? Did you know that the term "Industrial Development" includes outdoor recreation? There are dollars to be captured for local economies by promoting outdoor recreation and Roane County is perfectly suited to bring in those dollars. The city of Oak Ridge gets it.

The city of Chattanooga gets it. Wouldn't it be good for some of our local officials to attend this event in Chattanooga and learn what this could do for Roane County?

The 5th Annual Tennessee Bike Summit will be held in Chattanooga’s Innovation District on April 22-23, 2016. This two-day conference will feature keynote speakers from around the country and experts from across Tennessee focusing on the role that bicycling plays in improving public health, spurring economic development and creating vibrant neighborhoods.

There is a lot going on that could have significant economic benefits and make our towns and communities even more wonderful places to live and raise families.

TN Bike Walk

From TDOT...

Bridge Repair
Interstate 40 both directions in Roane County - Between EXIT 350: SR-29 MIDTOWN and EXIT 352 / SR-58 SOUTH / KINGSTON, bridge repair will result in lane closures every day. This work is expected to be completed by 05/26/2016.

Current Activity:
Bridge Repairs will cause Eastbound and Westbound to be reduced to one lane and 12 foot width restriction between Exit 350 and Exit 352. Wide Loads over 12 feet must follow designated detour route. Expect delays and be prepared to stop.

This is supposed to be finished by Memorial Day weekend. I wonder how many times this bridge has been worked on over the years?

Apr 13 2016
04:19 pm

I had never seen a spotted mandarin before today. Very uncommon!

We live in an amazing part of the world!

Apr 13 2016
09:09 am

Corker quoted in a Politico article...

The reality lays bare a few critical dynamics. Republicans have undermined one of their core arguments for governing. On key fiscal matters, they have not been able to normalize legislating and hopes for regular order have been dashed. And that Congress can completely forgo a budget without consequence shows that the non-binding process means little, and proves to be just an annoyance for the party in power...

“It’s a hoax. The assumptions that are made are totally unrealistic, there’s no policies behind them to follow up.

Via Tom Humphrey

Lobbied heavily, no doubt, by the for profit prison industry. I can't find the individual votes for this. I would sure like to know. Why prevent a referendum on decriminalizing marijuana? It would certainly take a huge amount of money out of the courts and enforcement agencies in Tennessee.

The measure (SB2321), which was sponsored by Memphis Democrats Antonio Parkinson and Sara Kyle, would not have legalized marijuana possession. Instead, it would have allowed voters to make their opinion known on whether police should arrest people in possession of one ounce of marijuana or less or give them a warning instead.


It's 9:00 AM on Wed and the Roane County News web site is still delivering it's "Bad News Monday" edition.

Apr 13 2016
06:14 am

Republican Chuck Fleischmann is seeking re-election to a fourth term. He is facing opposition in the Republican primary from Allan Levene and Geoffery Suhmer Smith.

George Love, Michael Friedman, and Melody Shekari will compete in the Democratic primary. Independents Topher Kersting, Cassandra Mitchell and Rick Tyler are also seeking the Tennessee's 3rd Congressional District seat.

It is interesting to see nine people think Chuck is weak and can be defeated. I wonder what his constituents think his biggest accomplishments would be? Voting to repeal Obamacare 50 tines?

The large type National Enquirer style headline of the Roane County News front page story on the County Road Supervisor race illustrates a great deal of what is wrong with political reporting in today's America. It is entirely speculation with absolutely zero substance: "Crowded Field? Or Political Strategy?"

Four years ago Dennis Fergusen won the three way race for Road Supervisor, beating his nearest opponent, Jim Beason, by 15 points and the last place candidate, Brian Mullins, by 20 points.

This time, Jim Beason had picked up a petition to run again but decided not to and took a part time job with the Road department instead, a position for which Beason has 30 years experience. The Roane County News speculates that Beason was persuaded to give up a $70+ thousand a year job for a $15 per hour part time job.


Dennis Fergusen as Road Supervisor has run a reasonably effective department with no drama. That makes him, in the realities of the political world, an extremely difficult incumbent to beat.

Beason pointed out what I consider a huge problem with the way Roane County elections are decided. The highest vote getter wins because we have no run-off elections. That fact should have been the focus of the RCN story. In a four person race 26% of the vote can win the election in spite of the fact that 74% of the voters wanted somebody else.

We hold elections in November anyway so there would be little additional expense to taxpayers. It's time for Roane County to require its elected officials to have the support of at least 50% of its voters.

Roane County Should Hold Run-Off Elections.

Here's the RCN story:

Apr 8 2016
09:00 am

Yager is unopposed and will serve another term as our State Senator.

Representatives Ron Travis and Kent Calfee have Democratic opponents. Calfee will also face Tyler Overstreet in November who is running as an independent.

Judge Wicks and Judge Stevens are also unopposed and will be re-elected.

Listen to this!

Due to a conflict with our venue this show has been cancelled for tonight and rescheduled for Thursday May 5.

three star revival

As always, Three Star Revival is extremely excited to return to our favorite venue in the states. LLLR will always hold a special place in our heart thanks to the avid listeners that truly appreciate music on another level....Ben Gaines of Three Star Revival

Apr 8 2016
07:00 am

More allegations have been substantiated by the NRC in 2016 for Watts Bar than for any other plant. In fact, the only allegation substantiated by the NRC in 2016 for the entire fleet of operating nuclear plants was at Watts Bar.


Apr 7 2016
08:59 pm

A few Roane County classrooms have listed their funding hopes at ((link...)). Some are about to time out (in 2 days, 6 days) without meeting their goals.

Please consider giving a tax-deductible donation to one or more of these classrooms and make some students very happy. Thank you for your attention. :)

-- OneTahiti

Apr 7 2016
03:27 pm

House Speaker Beth Harwell has announced she's kicking Rep. Jeremy Durham out of the building, moving the scandal-ridden Republican's office out of the War Memorial Building to the ground floor of the Rachel Jackson Building across the street.

So if you google maps for "Rachel Jackson Building" you get this:

Sex Offender Treatment
State Government Office · 6th Ave N

The story:

Apr 7 2016
08:42 am

I think they vote for these outrageous bills to distract from the fact that they have just handed the State of Tennessee over to lobbyists. Several major corporations have condemned this and have stated that these actions will affect decisions on where to locate and expand and create jobs in the future.

The committee vote came despite concerns raised by Republican Gov. Bill Haslam that Tennessee could lose federal education funding if the bill becomes law.

Rep Calfee voted against passage


A conservative think tank argues that since Chattanooga's EPB was built with grants it is unfair to corporate internet providers, who don't provide broadband to everyone, also get grants, and also get billions in tax breaks, and also charge substantially more for far worse service.

An economic study last year by Bento Lobo, professor of finance at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, said EPB's fiber optics network in its first three years saved $130.5 million in power outages, boosted business energy efficiency by $234.5 million and spurred $461 million in new business investment.

In Chattanooga 100 Meg internet costs $58 per month. I pay about that right this minute for 1.5 meg service which actually NEVER delivers 1.5 megs.


Apr 6 2016
07:56 pm
By: WhitesCreek

HB2068/SB2389 may be the worst bill in Tennessee history as far as your health, clean air and water, consumer rights, and pretty much life as we know it in Tennessee.

This bill allows the General Assembly to eliminate any rule it wants to: " This amendment specifies that the general assembly will have sole discretion to decide whether an agency has met its burden ..."

A requirement for any new rule: "The rule does not adversely impact business"

So if Haslam sings this bill he will be complicit in the complete takever of the formerly great State of Tennessee by lobbyists.

I'll let you look at who voted for what...

Talk about getting blasted!

The reason the United States cannot stop the rampant abuses of Tennessee Walking Horses is because of the elected Senators and members of Congress who represent the Republican Party in Tennessee, the very state where the cruelty is the worst in the nation.

Oh, people like Senator Lamar Alexander and Rep. Chuck Fleischmann will tell you they don’t abide intentionally hurting animals. Yet the truth is every Republican in Washington from Tennessee is awash in money from the “Big Lick,” which is what the nauseating side of the horse industry is called. If you think our state representatives in Congress “represent” you and me, you are “sorely” mistaken.


Apr 5 2016
05:35 pm

Our piece of the world produces far more than its fair share of great music. Chad Wilson and Kelli love Roane County and play in small venues around town (Ladd Landing Listening Room)When they are killing shows in large venues and festivals in other parts of the country. Their new video was recorded at Cotton Eyed Joe's not too long ago and here it is, just for you folks...

Tennessee Code
Annotated, Title 4
, Chapter 1
, Part 3
is amended by
adding the following language as a new section:
The Holy Bible is hereby designated as
the official state book.
. This act shall take effect upon becoming a law, the public welfare requiring

Idiotic bills such as this are usually designed to draw attention away from far more sinister legislation being passed. I wonder what it is this time?

Apr 5 2016
06:34 am

"But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence."

Haslam and Attorney General Herbert Slatery have expressed constitutional concerns regarding the legislation. Slatery issued an opinion last year suggesting that the measure would violate separation of church and state provisions in the federal and state constitutions.

If Haslam signs the bill, the Bible would join a list of state symbols such as the raccoon as the state’s wild animal, the Eastern box turtle as the state reptile, the square dance as the state folk dance, milk as the official state beverage and the Barrett M82 sniper rifle as the official state rifle, which lawmakers approved earlier in the session.


Apr 4 2016
05:55 pm

This puts a damper on my plans to hire a chopper to tour Whites Creek watershed. Thoughts go out to families and friends.


Apr 4 2016
01:26 pm

The TN Medieval Faire is seeking festival workers for our May shows (14-15, 21-22, 28-30; work hours ~9:30-5:30). Groups are encouraged to apply. We also have an immediate opening for 1-2 people with carpentry skills.

If interested, please contact our festival office for an application. or call 865-248-8414. HUZZAH!

Apr 4 2016
07:37 am

Representative Kent Calfee has been under fire for voting against the Roane County Commission's resolution on broadband internet. This seemingly solid incumbent is now on the watch list. He has no opponent in the Republican Primary but has drawn two challengers in the Democratic Primary, Joe Kneiser has picked up a petition and Corey Stafford has filed a petition to run.

More interesting than either of those is former School Board Member Tyler Overstreet who has fied his petition to run against Calfee in November as an independent. Tyler was a strong candidate for County Executive who lost to Mike Farmer in a three way race. I predict Overstreet will be strong competition for Calfee in November.

Currently a state employee can have his pension taken away for a felony sex crime conviction in connection with their job. The TN GOP has introduced a bill to include minor crimes and misdemeanors in the list for teachers only for which a pension may be confiscated. Our Legislature's never ending battle against teachers was going fine until Representative Craig Fitzhugh (D) added a "friendly" amendment to make it also apply to State legislators. Our state Reps suddenly have great concerns, knowing that the range of sex crimes has been broadened to include such things as "Improper hugging" and getting caught peeing behind a tree by an officer of the law.

Several legislators thought this was entirely improper since they claim their job is 24 hours a day and not just during school hours. (Ask a teacher if their day only involves "school hours" and you'll get an ear full.)

Representative John DeBerry, D-Memphis won the sound bite of the day...“We are constantly sending messages to the people of the state of Tennessee that we are idiots”.

Saint Thomas has more

Mating season is officially underway at Penguins’ Rock. Tennessee Aquarium officials added several hundred pounds of “magic rocks” to the south pole exhibit Friday.


Apr 2 2016
05:26 pm
By: WhitesCreek

Cover those sensitive plants up.


Lost Medicaid Funding

To date, the failure to expand Medicaid / TennCare has cost the State of Tennessee ? in lost federal funding.