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OK, I need this explained:

Item 2.03 Creation of a Direct Financial Obligation or an Obligation under an Off-Balance Sheet Arrangement of a Registrant.


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From Davidson County Grand Jury:

"charges should be brought against Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey and Speaker of the House Beth Harwell who willfully and arrogantly ignored the law regarding those appointments."

If you want to hear Ms. Harwell she will be speaking at a Kent Calfee fundraiser promoted by the Roane Chamber of Commerce which sent out a political ad for Kent in its monthly email. Here it is in part:

I trust that our County Commission is keeping a close accounting of where our county tax money is going to make sure that none of it is being used to pay for the Chamber's political activities, since that would totally be just as against the law as the activities for which Ms Harwell is being considered for indictment. .

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Why is Chuck so afraid of Mary Headrick?

Headrick said she had hoped Fleischmann would agree to a date before Oct. 15 -- the start of early voting -- but she will take what she can get.

"As my campaign manager said, 'We'll just have to work harder,'" Headrick said in an email Friday.

But don't the voters of the 3rd Congressional District deserve to know what Chuck is all about?

"When you've got a lot more money than your opponent, there's no reason to give them free visibility. But one way to get away from the idea that you won't debate your opponent is to have it close to the election. It may minimize damage...


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These are pretty heavy charges.

I’m regret that I accepted the dirty money from RAAMPAC. If I had the means t pay it back, I would.

But speaking of paybacks, the people of Tennessee are going to learn about the sale of chairmanships as soon as the general election is over.. Fortunately, I can bring this forward, since you have nothing I want and I no longer have anything you can take away.

Jim Summerville


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I fail to see how the law was followed here. The female victim was 14. From the original charges it would seem that she was an underage prostitute.

Booher, 59, was charged with one count of especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor, one count of solicitation of a minor and three counts of aggravated statutory rape.

He reached a deal with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to two counts of statutory rape.

He is 45 years older than the victim.


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Crimes are often committed by people suffering from mental illness and the resuting confrontations with law enforcement often end tragically. This program could well prevent future tragedies by giving officers the tools they need to effectively deal with these situations.

The training could also have extra benefits for officers:

For one Oak Ridge Police officer there was an unexpected benefit. It helped him deal with his own child.

A wife of one of the officers said her husband came home one day during the training and said he got it.

“He sat down with his child and their relationship is totally different now. It changed their family dynamic. I think that is a very very strong statement for CIT,”


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This is about the scariest thing I've read lately:

In Martineau’s words, “state primacy and autonomy must be respected.”


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The Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced it will hold a public meeting in Athens, Tenn., Oct. 1, to review progress on the TVA Watts Bar Unit 2 reactor project.

Those unable to attend the meeting may participate through a webinar by registering online at www1.gotomeeting.com/register/982531953.


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This guy has been called a lot of names and none of them are good. He was the driving force in preventing the TVA disaster victims from being made whole. He was well paid for his work. Victor Ashe decried his exorbitant salary many times.


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My experience in observing Mr. Brummett is that he is an excellent chair person.

The Committee on Committees has been chosen and will meet soon to fill out the rest of the committee assignments.


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“Did the trial court err in concluding that the Equal Protection, Due Process and Full Faith and Credit Clauses of the United States Constitution are not violated by Tennessee Constitution Article XI 18 and Tennessee Code Annotated 36-3-113 when such laws, as applied in this case, prohibit recognition of plaintiff’s valid marriage in and under the laws of the state of Iowa to another man, and thus prohibit plaintiff from seeking a divorce in Tennessee, where both spouses currently reside?”


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Celebrating good live music in a friendly atmosphere. We bring in the best of the best performers as they sojourn through our area and the best of the East Tennessee music scene. We are the birthplace of Country Music after all! I'll put our homegrown talent up against anybody's.


We're family friendly, don't serve food or beverage but you're welcome and encouraged to bring your own. Most folks do.

The show calendar is RIGHT HERE.

A Little History and Stuff

Our music series grew out of a few like minded people who wanted to have a listening room music venue where serious artists could perform good music in an intimate supportive atmosphere.

Music at Ladd Landing used to be Music at Market Street but we grew and moved a short walk away to the Ladd Landing Clubhouse. It combines our serious affection for singer songwriters, live performance of original music, and socializing with our friends and families. We started it up in the Spring of 2012 on a whim. The idea was to have a family friendly atmosphere where we could chat and visit, share adult beverages if we so choose, and listen to some of the best music in Tennessee. So far it's working. We meet new people every week and folks are now driving out from Knoxville and other far flung places to experience their favorite artists in a small room with great acoustics. The only complaint we ever hear is "Why didn't you tell me about this sooner?"

The people who play for us are very good. They write and record songs and are excellent musicians. We tend to be heavy on Americana genre but we've had ex Allman Brother Johnny Neel and R&B virtuoso Jason Eskridge, so good music is good music. Most of our artists are suggested by the artists who have played at Market Street, on the theory that musicians know music. So far everyone has been better than good. We also pester artists we like after hearing them on stage at one venue or another and we try to get people you would have to go to the Bijou, Jammin' at Hippie Jack's music festival, or someplace like that to hear. They bring their CD's and other stuff for purchase. We pay artists all we can and, after expenses, donate any extra to charities we like. We take no money ourselves.

More information, links to artists, music, and lots of photos are on our Facebook page.


Music at Ladd Landing is at the Ladd Landing Clubhouse in Kingston. The official address is 1000 Ladd Landing Boulevard, Kingston, TN but that won't tell your GPS how to find us.

Take Exit 352 then left and go one half mile north (left off I 40 away from Kingston proper). Turn right into Ladd Landing at the 3 way stop. Drive past the Food City shopping center and Ace Hardware about a city block and turn right just before you would go under the Iron Greenway bridge. Park on the road and walk up. Passengers who need it may be let off in front of the clubhouse. Let me know if you need anything. We'll take care of you.

Questions? stevescarb@aol.com or day of the show: 865-603-6981

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Martin will perform at Ladd Landing tonight in a no reservations all acoustic show. Daniel Kimbro plays the part of his faithful companion for a musical powerhouse combo. Here's a Martin Harley song that was his first hit single in the UK. He's just breaking in to the US market which is why we can afford him. Enjoy while it lasts.

Show information and directions to the Ladd Landing clubhouse

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A Nashville judge has ruled that the 10 death row inmates already challenging the state's lethal injection protocol may amend their lawsuit to include objections to the use of the electric chair.

Senator Yager's "Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out Bill is under attack.


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Headrick says Fleischmann’s silence will not help him, because the district isn’t as red as some believe.

She said the 3rd District’s middle class is shrinking because of Fleischmann’s politics. She’s campaigning to raise the federal minimum wage, close tax loopholes for the wealthy and improve health care for Americans.


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"This is just a sad opening of a hearing. I’ve never seen it, and I’ve gone through some tough ones." ~ Barbra Boxer


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So we are a typical southern red state!


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...Herbert Slatery will be a strong advocate for the people of Tennessee and a vigilant defender of Tennessee’s conservative reforms.

Ron Ramsey

On the first R Attorney General in Tennessee history... Governor Haslam's current but outgoing Chief of Staff.

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“I’ve knocked on over 6,000 doors, and these people don’t want no tax,” (New Commissioner Junior)Hendrickson said. “They don’t want it put on the ballot. If we vote to put it on the ballot and it passes, we’ve raised it just the same.”

Did Junior just say that he won't let the people vote on a tax increase for schools because people don't want a tax increase for schools and people might vote to pass the tax increase for schools?

RCN story

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We thus have the General Assembly asking to be trusted on abortion and judicial appointments, to be distrusted on an income tax and, oh, by the way, to fix the oversight their predecessors made a dozen years ago in denying gaming rights to veterans.

This is a great overview of all the state constitutional amendments. Tom Humphrey is kicking hard for a retired guy: Link...

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This is actually pretty funny in a blatant "you scratch my back with 20's and I'll scratch your back with 100's" kind of way.

During a conference with potential bidders Sept. 4 a vendor was looking at the requirements in the procurement documents. The vendor was looking at the details and happened to click "properties". Hilarity ensued:

The vendor made the assertion after clicking on the “properties” tab of a computer file among the documents given to vendors for review, which listed as its “author” the Tennessee sales representative for Motorola Solutions Inc., the current contractor. The conference ended as other vendors asked about the fairness of the process.

Thanks to Tom Humphrey:


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It is not an accident that things like this are released in the Friday news dump in order to try and keep them quiet as possible.

The gypsum storage landfill has been under construction for several years past its original completion date. It has had any number of engineering and construction problems that we are aware of. Who knows what we haven't been told. I strongly suggest our elected officials get involved with this and make certain that the citizens of Roane County are protected. It's not like TVA has our best interests at heart.

The application is attached. We should at the minimum require a Public hearing with TVA being questioned by experts representing the County and its people.

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Kingston scored in the last minute of the game for the win. Congratulations to the Kingston players for getting Coach Pankey his first win at RCHS.

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I like this story!


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I would certainly like to have more information about this.

OAK RIDGE — The reactor pool is leaking at one of Oak Ridge National Laboratory's old research reactors, prompting an urgent response by the U.S. Department of Energy and its cleanup contractor — although the contractor said Thursday the leak is being collected in a basin and poses no safety or health threat.


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Chad tells me that they just signed a deal with the Discovery Channel and Nascar to use songs from their first album Bona Fide. This is huge!

See them right here at the Ladd Landing Clubhouse for a measly $10 in an all original acoustic show. See you there!

More information is right HERE

Sponsored by: Gloria Jean's Fine Southern Provisions

and Cloth and Chair Interiors

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And in keeping with TVA's inability to do anything right where our safety is concerned:

The government agency responsible for maintaining America's nuclear arsenal wants to continue to use a TVA nuclear power plant to produce bomb material even though tritium leaks from the the process have been nearly four times what was originally projected.


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It's no secret that our elected officials are bought and paid for. They pass inane laws that do nothing except insure that you and I pay too much money for bad products and services. A huge newsworthy example at the moment is the municipal utility EPB that provides internet service in Chattanooga. It is the fastest broadband internet in the country. It is also the best buy for your money. Chattanooga's economy is booming in part because of the low cost and wide availability of super fast internet service.

TN Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn thinks this is socialism and must be outlawed. Why does she think that? AT$T, Verizon, and other cable internet companies have ordered her to think that.She has a bill in Congress to do just that because...ummm...well, it's a state's rights issue. Hiding behind ideology is an easy way to avoid admitting that Marsha is screwing her constituents for pay...and she's doing it for very little money in the scheme of things. Marsha is getting paid a few hundred thousand dollars for subverting US law for an industry that is making hundreds of billions of dollars each year. She's working way too cheap!